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  • gabriel.oconnell1957

    what to cancel some of my outstanding pending orders asap

  • John Macgregor

    I have  a Corgi AA34805 1/72 Vickers Wellington. RAF Costal Command. I have lost the front nose cone ( glass looking ) Do you stock spares.

  • Guy Serle

    In the early to mid 1960’s, my father working his second job as a manufacturing rep for a large scale refrigeration company (think up to 150 tons of ice per day from a single unit) went to the Bahamas quite often from our South Florida home and nearly always brought me back a little gift. This is how I ended up with some of the coolest toys my friends didn’t have access to from the UK’s Corgy toy manufacturer.

    I had a James Bond DB5 with the ejector seat and front firing machine guns, the 1966 Batmobile with the missiles that fired from the 3 rear tubes, the Green Hornet Chrysler, and what would be my favorite, Supercar from the Gerry Anderson super marionette TV show. I don’t remember what happened to rest of them, likely given to my younger nephews in Miami, but the Supercar was lost in (for me at the time) tragic circumstances.

    At the age of 6 I ended up in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks (too long a story for here, but I obviously survived with no side effects…twitch twitch) and my parents brought me my favorite toy, the Supercar. None of us realized that hospital policy was that any toys brought in had to be left for children that might not have any and so my beloved Supercar remained at the hospital when I left and I never saw it again.

    I doubt you have any left from those days, but will you ever reissue some of the Gerry Anderson classics again?

  • david23456

    I have a very old Corgi BENTLEY CONTINENTAL SPORTS SALOON in black and silver grey model 224. Do you have spares like 4 grey tyres and a spare wheel for the boot ? Also in need of rear lights and a paint job. I think it goes back to 1959 1960 as the patents are 21101/59 and 10406/60 can you help please? Many thanks David Godley

  • james henry sproat

    how many Morris LD vans did corgi make.


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